When I was a kid, I got a balloon picture: My childhood memories are now the stuff of legend

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An Irishman has revealed a childhood memory of visiting a local pub to buy a balloon.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, said he would never have dreamed that his memories would eventually make it to the big screen.

It was the day his mum, who was a child in her 20s, asked him to buy her a balloon, he said.

When he asked her to help, she said it was a “nice thing to do”.

The balloon was about to be launched, and when it touched down in a pub, it became a bit of a sensation.

The picture was taken at the St Mary’s Bar in Dublin and is believed to have been taken around 1900.

It shows the balloon’s landing spot, which is on the street of a residential area in the city.

The photograph is believed by some to be from a local bar.

Dublin’s ballooning boom started in the early 2000s, with around 150 balloons launched at the height of the boom.

Dubliners had hoped the new technology would help bring tourists back to the city, and the city has seen a steady rise in tourism as well as new hotels, restaurants and pubs being built.

Dubliner John, a balloon enthusiast, said his family had been able to return to the Irish capital with the picture.

“My mum used to be in a nursing home and she always wanted a picture of her son, but the hospital didn’t have any,” he said, adding that he was “shocked” at how many people had visited the city and enjoyed the sight.

“It’s a nice place, it’s a quiet place, so I just think it’s wonderful.”

John said the picture has a lot to do with the way he and his mum looked at balloons.

“We used to take pictures of the sky when we were young, and we used to think, ‘Well that’s how they did it’.”

He added: “It’s not the way they did in the old days, but it’s the way we do it now.”