A graduation balloons photo of the year from the year 2016

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When you’re looking at graduating students, what can you do with them?

That’s exactly what students at the University of Arizona (UAZ) have done with graduation balloons.

The balloons were made by Arizona State University and are now hanging around campus to celebrate the school’s graduation.

The school’s students have made it their mission to make the balloons a symbol of hope, love, and the importance of education and learning.

“We wanted to show our students that they’re not alone, they’re part of a larger community, and we wanted to celebrate that,” UAZ graduate student Landon Fazio told The Washington Post.

Fazia has made balloons for the school, but she’s now working on a project to make her own graduation balloons for students at her alma mater.

“I made the balloons to represent our community.

We’re not a typical school; we’re an extremely diverse school.

And we all look very different,” she said.

Fuzio and her students decided to make them in the school library, but they’ve now added some other fun things to the graduation balloons: A giant balloon, a giant, giant, gigantic balloon, and a giant balloon with the word “GUNDAM” emblazoned on it.

And the students are also doing their best to help out the community by decorating the balloons.

“In this photo, we had the entire community come together to celebrate a graduation and to thank them for their hard work and commitment,” Fazie told The Post.

“Our balloons will be hanging at the campus in the spring, so people from all walks of life can come and see them and enjoy the sight of these beautiful balloons.

And, of course, it’s also our chance to give back to the community.

The balloon makers are so proud to be part of the Arizona State community and this is the way we can do that,” Fuzie said.

The graduation balloons are currently on display in the Student Center and at the Tucson Community College.

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