Aussie balloon girl Fergie is a ‘breathtaking, magical’ balloon dancer

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With her trademark balloon stick, Fergies dance moves have been described as being “a magical combination of gravity, rhythm and a great sense of style”.

“She’s a really creative artist,” says Lisa Stoddart, director of the Balloon Park in Sydney.

“I’ve never met a balloon artist I haven’t been inspired by.

I think that’s a wonderful combination.”

Fergys signature move involves a series of spiralling balloons, a move that she says she learnt from her parents.

“It’s very challenging, but I love it because it’s such a creative way to make it,” she says.

“The way you have to turn the balloon around and twist it is really challenging, and I love the feeling of it.”

But Fergy’s best dance move, the Balloon Girl Dress, was born out of necessity.

“That dress has been on my bucket list since I was about five,” she laughs.

“There was a time when I wanted to try it but I never had the money to do it.

I’m really grateful to have this dress.”

FERGIES’ FIRST FLIGHT – ‘I thought I had to try something to get me going’ Balloon Girl Fergied to Australia for the first time in November 2017.

“When I arrived in Australia, it was the first flight for me and my boyfriend, and we thought we had to get something going for the wedding,” she said.

“And then when we went to the wedding, we couldn’t find anything for our wedding dress so I just made up the idea that I would make up the dress myself.”

Feria’s dream Balloon Girl is a “breathing vessel” to hold all her dreams.

Feria is “one of the few women that can say she’s been lucky enough to be able to get a job, and a house, and have children and all of that”.

Feria and her boyfriend Ryan got married in a balloon show in February 2018, and the couple have been together since March.

The couple is currently looking to expand their wedding venue to accommodate more balloon dancers, and is also considering opening a balloon museum in Australia.

Fergia’s passion balloon show is a way to express herself Balloon Girl says she loves flying her balloon all the time, and when the opportunity came along to be a balloon lady, she had no choice but to take it.

“Flying is such a powerful way to show yourself off and express yourself in a way,” she explains.

“So I just felt it was so important to be part of the balloon community, to be in a space where other people can see and feel me.”

‘This is so much more than balloons’ Fergias passion for balloons has been shared by many in the balloon world, including her family and friends.

“We’re all so lucky that we get to do things together,” she smiles.

“This is such an opportunity to show off and be in the world, but this is more than a balloon.”

Fergus’ balloon art and performances balloon artist Ryan is a huge fan of Ferg’s art, and has spent a lot of time working with the balloon girl to create some of her own.

“She is a real inspiration for all the artists out there, and for all of us who are artists in the community,” he says.

Ryan says he believes Ferg is the “next great Australian artist” and says the opportunity to work with her will help catapult his career.

“From my own experience as an artist, she’s an incredible storyteller and her work really makes a huge impact on the culture and art of Australia,” he said.

FERGIE’S NEW GROUP ‘SUPER DANCE HEROES’ – ‘It’s like the first step to a bigger career’ Balloon girl Feria says her new group is “the next step to being a professional dancer”.

“I think that this group is really about showing people what I’ve done over the last few years is really the first steps towards becoming a professional, because we’ve been doing a lot to build this up over the past five years,” she added.

Feri is “just a phenomenal, fabulous, incredible talent” balloon artist, says Ryan Ferg, who is excited about working with her.

“You just can’t find a better balloon artist out there.”

Ferrari-Ferrari Balloon Girl and Ferg are both set to debut at the 2018 Balloon Park Balloon Festival.

“If we do well, I think we’ll be in good shape,” she joked.

Ferraris ‘most wanted’ balloon girl The balloon girl is the first to admit that she and her fiance are a bit of a “bubble”.

“But it’s all been great,” she told BBC Sport.

“What’s important is that it’s a fun thing that everyone can enjoy.

It’s a very beautiful



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