Israel announces 5 new heart balloons, 10 new balloons to raise funds for Gaza reconstruction

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Israel announced Monday that it has set up a 5-year, $3-million fundraising campaign to raise money for the reconstruction of Gaza.

The campaign is part of an effort to help rebuild Gaza after the last three Israeli wars and the 2016 Gaza war.

The money will go toward building an indoor medical clinic and medical rehabilitation center, an indoor zoo and playground, a rehabilitation center for children and an indoor sports complex.

The fundraising campaign was launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Tuesday.

It will take place from Oct. 21 through Nov. 30 and will be coordinated by the IDF and the Gaza Reconstruction Fund, the organization said in a statement.

This campaign will allow the IDF to work closely with the Gaza reconstruction fund, which will receive support from private donors and Israeli donors.

The campaign will raise funds to assist the reconstruction work and the IDF will be able to use its resources to rebuild Gaza, the statement added.

This is the fifth year that the reconstruction fund has launched its campaign to rebuild Israel, which has been embroiled in a series of violence.

The reconstruction fund is one of several Israeli organizations that have raised money to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

In 2015, it raised about $8 million.

The organization, established in 2007, is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, which is suffering under a devastating economic blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt.

The reconstruction fund also provides financial support for construction of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure.

Israel and Egypt have fought three wars with each other since 2006.

Israel’s blockade has left Gaza and the West Bank under total siege.

Israel has blamed Hamas for the recent rocket attacks and the continued blockade of Gaza since it imposed its blockade.

The Gaza reconstruction funds has raised $1.7 billion, and Israel’s National Security Council announced earlier this month that it would spend about $1 billion on the reconstruction effort.



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