21st Birthday Balloon Background for a Baby Balloon

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21st Annual Birthday Balloon Event – Birthday balloons in DC, DC area, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Maryland and more, October 31, 2018.

The National Balloon Association (NAA) has issued guidelines for the safety of balloons and the safety and well-being of the people in the vicinity of balloons.

This year’s balloons are a bit different than last year, with some of the balloons having been made in a different location and some have been made indoors.

The safety concerns surrounding balloons is a new one for many.

The balloons are supposed to be held for a specific amount of time to ensure a good safety record, but there is no standard time period that balloons are held.

The NAA has issued the following safety guidelines for balloons: Do not place balloons near children, pets or pets that are not wearing protective clothing.

Do not set balloons on fire.

Do keep a distance of at least 15 feet (5 meters) from the balloons when not in use.

Never attempt to move balloons in the air or attempt to jump them.

Do avoid taking off or landing balloons.

Do wear safety glasses when viewing balloons. 

If you see a balloon with a balloon on it or someone flying it, do not touch or touch the balloon, as that could cause the balloon to explode.

If you see someone who appears to be injured or has a balloon attached to their body, contact a doctor immediately.

Do call 911 if you see an injured person.

Do not leave balloons unattended.

Do leave a balloon at a safe location.

If a balloon is attached to a person, do make sure they are wearing appropriate safety equipment and have a plan in place to remove the balloon from the person’s body.

If a person is injured by a balloon, they should be treated as a potential medical emergency and treated with the proper medical attention.

If the balloon is damaged or destroyed, the person should contact a medical professional to determine the cause of the injury.

The NAAA has set up a hotline for people to contact for information on balloons and safety.

The National Balloon Convention, held each July in Washington, DC, attracts thousands of people to participate in balloons and other activities. 

There is no national or regional rule about the type of balloons you can put on your birthday.

Some balloons are allowed to be made indoors, while others can be made outdoors.

The rules for how balloons can be brought into the country vary from state to state.

The NAA recommends people keep the following in mind when planning to fly a balloon:Do not bring balloons into public parks. 

Do not hang balloons on your window sill.

Do NOT place balloons on buildings.

Do keep balloons out of children’s reach. 

The NPA has not issued any safety guidelines regarding balloons, and it is up to the local area to decide whether balloons are an appropriate gift for a child or not.



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