How to Make a Pink Balloon Tattoo

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The first thing you need to do is get your pink balloon tattooed.

This is especially important when you’re planning on taking the plunge on this crazy, but potentially life changing adventure.

It’s not always possible to do the tattoo yourself, so here’s a guide for you to help you with the process.

Here’s what you need: 1.

A piece of cotton or thread to hold the balloon 2.

A pen or pencil 3.

A small piece of string 4.

A sharpie marker 5.

Your favorite tattoo pen 6.

A white piece of paper (optional) 7.

Some ink for the ink and paper (Optional)8.

A balloon holder to hold your balloon while it’s hanging down.9.

A soft sponge to wipe your tattoo after each use10.

A mask or goggles11.

A hairbrush for brushing your tattoo (Optional, if you’re allergic to ink)12.

A brush for applying the ink13.

A few cotton balls to collect the ink14.

A paintbrush or a paint sponge15.

Some spray paint (optional, if allergic to paint)16.

Some scissors for trimming your tattoo17.

A sewing machine18.

A plastic bag19.

A needle20.

A towel21.

A tissue for wiping your tattoo22.

A bottle of glue (optional and super easy to buy at a health food store)23.

A candle24.

A knife25.

A pencil or marker brush26.

A nail polish remover27.

A tape measure28.

A toothbrush29.

A spray bottle30.

A marker marker/pen (optional to use for your tattoo)31.

A bandana32.

A sunscreen33.

A disposable marker marker 34.

A temporary tattoo holder (optional for a few hours)35.

A water bottle36.

A roll of toilet paper37.

A t-shirt38.

A T-shirt holder39.

A scarf40.

A hand towel41.

A face mask42.

A hat43.

A pillow44.

A baby wipes45.

A purse46.

A cup 47.

A bucket 48.

A backpack49.

A wallet50.

A camera51.

A laptop52.

A pair of scissors53.

A box of tissues54.

A jar55.

A packet of duct tape56.

A package of tape57.

A gallon of water58.

A can of soda59.

A bag of popcorn60.

A glass of water61.

A tube of Vaseline62.

A sock63.

A shirt64.

A bathrobe65.

A bathing suit66.

A bra67.

A robe68.

A cap69.

A glove70.

A bikini71.

A sweatshirt72.

A beach towel73.

A swimsuit74.

A tee shirt75.

A necklace76.

A belt77.

A jacket78.

A beanie79.

A sweater80.

A flip flop81.

A sun hat82.

A tennis racket83.

A skateboard 84.

A basketball 85.

A bike86.

A scooter87.

A moped88.

A cross-country ski89.

A motorbike90.

A trike91.

A snowboard92.

A horse 93.

A skiboard94.

A bicycle95.

A fishing rod96.

A snorkel97.

A net98.

A toy rocket 99.

A surfboard100.

A mini car101.

A miniature golf basket 102.

A swimming pool103.

A diving board104.

A paddle105.

A wetsuit106.

A raft107.

A sailboat108.

A boat109.

A kayak110.

A parasail111.

A life raft112.

A poncho113.

A blanket114.

A quilt115.

A tent116.

A mattress117.

A couch118.

A comforter119.

A bed 120.

A chair121.

A lamp122.

A light source123.

A flashlight124.

A fire extinguisher125.

A smoke detector126.

A torch127.

A fan128.

A ball valve 129.

A timer130.

A sprinkler131.

A hose132.

A pump133.

A funnel 134.

A valve nozzle135.

A spark plug136.

A nozzle spike137.

A pinhole 138.

A ring of ducts139.

A chain link fence140.

A rope ladder141.

A string suspension system142.

A ladder with hooks143.

A barbed wire fence144.

A loop with hooks145.

A metal chain barbs146.

A wire tetherbarbarbs147.

A tie barbs148.

A hook on a barbs149.

A zip tie barbbarbs150.

A fence barbs151.

A cable barbs152.

A rail barbs153.

A chainsaw barbs154.

A pulley barbs155.

A ratchet barbs156.

A spring barbs157.

A roller barbs158.

A saw barbs159.

A wrench bar