‘Tired’ Irish man’s ‘yellow balloon’ goes on to become a global sensation

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A man in Spain is having a blast, despite it going down in flames after it fell into the hands of an American tourist.

The balloon, which has a yellow balloon on it, was caught on camera by a woman in the town of Castellón de los Águilas, in northern Spain.

The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, was able to identify the balloon as a yellow “orange balloon” that she found in the backyard of her home on Sunday.

It was a bright orange and yellow balloon that was caught in the eye of a passing tourist.

She told local media she had been taking a photo of the balloon when she spotted it falling from the sky.

“I was walking to my car and saw the balloon, so I ran outside and saw what was happening,” she said.

The photo has gone viral and now has more than 12,000 likes on Facebook, while hundreds of other people have commented on the photo, which shows the balloon in the same position it landed.

In a statement, the woman said: “It is the first time I have seen a yellow one fall from the skies.”

In the video, the tourist can be seen looking at the balloon and the camera then shows the orange balloon that she is holding.

It’s not clear how the balloon landed, but it is believed that the balloon may have been dropped by a passing bird or animal.

It is unclear how long the balloon remained in the air and whether it will remain in the sky after the tourist’s video is posted on Facebook.