A new black balloon is the best birthday gift ever, say critics

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In this video, a woman in a pink suit walks up to a black balloon that floats above a park and says, “This is my birthday gift.”

The video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

It was posted to Facebook by the user name Dyan Dy, who was born in the United States and is now living in the Philippines.

Dyan has spent the past two years traveling around the world to promote her balloon and her story.

Her videos have been viewed on more than 300 million Facebook pages and have been shared more than 400 million times in the past year, according to data from the social network.

“This one is my favorite because it’s one of the few times that people can actually feel something like they’re really doing something,” Dyan told Recode.

“When I was little, I would be sitting there, looking at a balloon and I would have this big smile on my face.”

Dyan said that the black balloon in her video was the first she had ever seen.

She said it was like a magic moment because it had been floating for several years and it was just floating above me.

“I just felt so special,” she said.

The video was posted online to Dyan’s Facebook page on Monday and the reaction was swift.

Dyan also had a lot of questions about why she was sharing her story, so she created a new account and set up a camera on her phone. “

The first thing I said to myself was, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool.'”

Dyan also had a lot of questions about why she was sharing her story, so she created a new account and set up a camera on her phone.

“It’s like a video game where you can record and edit anything you want,” Dya said.

“And the videos you can make are so amazing.”

The first video Dyan created had a black screen on the screen, with text that read “My birthday is on the 28th of January.”

She had a photo of her daughter that was hanging on the wall next to it, and her friend was also playing the video on her iPhone.

The user name “Dyan Dy” is a fake account that is not associated with Dyan.

Dya says the videos she has made have been watched more than 10 million times and received thousands of comments.

“There are a lot more people that are doing this than I thought there would be,” Dy said.

Dys birthday balloon has since been sold to another woman, who has not yet seen it.

“She has had it for two years,” Dys friend said.

That woman, Sarah, told Recut that the video has a special meaning to her.

“People are saying, ‘Oh my God, you have a really good story,'” Sarah said.

She added that Dyan was a hard worker, always pushing herself to get to her goal.

“So many people said, ‘It’s so amazing to me that you did it and you are so happy,’ ” Sarah said of the video.

I’m going to do what I love.’ “

Even the other girls are telling her that, ‘Dyan, I think you are just going to be a celebrity,’ and she’s just like, ‘No, no, I’m not going to get famous because I’m a girl.

Dy also said that her friends and family have helped her along the way, from donating balloons to making sure her balloons had the right temperature. “

Dy said that she has never had a balloon with a birthday in it, though she has seen pictures of them in the video’s Facebook fan page.

But the videos have also helped Dyan get her voice out there. “

A lot of times, it’s very hard to make sure that everything is perfect and it’s all right with the weather,” Dyt said.

But the videos have also helped Dyan get her voice out there.

“What I’ve been able to do is really make people feel more comfortable with the balloons, because it was so much more difficult to make people like me feel comfortable with balloons than it was to make everyone else feel comfortable,” Dyd said.

According to Dyd, her videos have helped bring awareness to the need for more balloons for families in need.

“For a lot people, the balloons just don’t come with a lot,” DY said.

Some of her videos are also a reminder to people of the many ways that balloons can help people.

“Some of my videos are like the old classic, ‘The Miracle Worker’ where they are like, what if you put a big balloon on a person and then put that person in a room where they don’t know if it’s going to hurt or if it will stay in the room?”

Dyd explained.

Dyd’s videos are now featured in a book titled “Balloons: The Power of the Heart,” which will be released next year. DY is