‘Helium Balloon’ set to fly on the NFL’s Super Bowl LI kickoff coverage

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NEW YORK — The first helium balloon, featuring a head of the world’s most famous soccer player, is set to soar into the sky on Monday night for the New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers game, marking the start of the NFL Network’s Super Sunday coverage.

The helium balloon is the latest in a line of helium balloons, which are used to bring the world closer together.

The first balloon to fly in the Super Bowl was in 2003.

It is the first helium-powered football game in Super Bowl history.

The new “Helium Ball” balloon, which will fly in a show of support for the players, is the centerpiece of the network’s Super Monday coverage.

The game will be broadcast in the afternoon on ESPN and on ESPN2.

The Super Bowl will be the second time the network has aired the game on Sunday.

In addition to the balloon, the network will be showing the Superbowl on a giant LED screen, with a Super Bowl-themed logo emblazoned on the side.

The network also will be running the SuperBowl countdown in the background.