How to make a blues clue balloon dog sculpture

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The idea of a blue clue balloon has been around for decades.

It is a small, plastic balloon with an orange background and a blue star attached.

Blue clues are a popular way to communicate the location of clues on a map.

A blue clue, in this case, refers to a particular location.

It can be used as a way to identify a particular clue, a person or a particular place.

Blue clues are easy to make, too, with a few simple ingredients.

You can buy a blue balloon, cut it in half and glue it to a piece of string.

Then you can attach it to the bottom of a piece to make the puzzle.

You can also use a paintbrush to paint the balloon with a paint.

Once you’ve painted the balloon, you can make it blue and add it to your clue balloons.

For this post, we’re using blue balloons to create a mystery balloon dog statue.

You’ll need some supplies to make your blue clue balloons, like some paint, a ruler, and a few balloons.

The paint you buy should have a clear coat.

You don’t want the balloon to show any color, so get a paint brush and use it to paint it.

You should have enough balloons for the entire piece.

Once the balloon is painted, you’re ready to glue it.

The first step is to glue the balloon on to the balloon.

You want to glue this on the bottom to make it look like a balloon.

This will help you make the balloon bigger.

You also want to make sure that the balloon isn’t going to fall off.

The balloon is just a bit bigger than the other balloons, so you want to keep the balloon as small as possible.

Next, you want the balloons to be as wide as possible so they don’t overlap.

To do this, just cut off the ends of each balloon.

To glue this together, you should glue the two halves together.

You could glue them to the same piece of cardboard or a piece on the wall.

Just glue them together with some paint.

This way, you have a small balloon that can be painted with paint.

You may want to add a small bead of paint to the tip of the balloon so that it sticks out from the bottom.

You will be able to paint this balloon on with paint, too.

Once this is done, you’ll want to trim off the balloon tip so that the top of the ball is level.

Now, you just need to glue on some string to make some balloons. 

Now, we can paint the balloons and attach them to their pieces.

You might want to paint them red to make them stand out more.

Once they are all attached, you are ready to start painting.

Paint the balloon a dark red, then a lighter shade of red to match the blue.

Next, paint the top and bottom of the balloons.

If you want, you could add a few little beads of paint at the top to help add some contrast. 

Next, make the shapes of the blue clues and the balloon dog.

Start by making the shapes in the balloons by cutting out a rectangle.

You’re going to make several triangles, so the shapes will be a bit long.

The shape you want is the one on the left, so cut it out and glue in some strings on top of it.

Next up, cut out a triangle. 

Cut out the shape of the top triangle, so that there is a piece going from left to right.

Make the shapes on the right triangles.

Make sure you are not making the triangles on top, because the blue ones will make the blue puzzle. 

Add the string to the top, and glue the string on the top. 

Take a picture of the whole balloon and glue them all together.

It will look like this. 

Attach all the balloons together.

Paint them with the colors you want.

The blue balloons will be blue, and the red balloons will also be red.

You are done!