New York Balloon Festival 2015: The best of the best

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Balloon fans, take note: The ballooning industry is in the midst of a major boom.

According to new data from the Balloon Industry Association, balloon prices increased 14% in 2015 to $2.3 billion.

There’s also a growing appetite for the kind of entertainment that balloon-loving fans of all ages and tastes might find thrilling.

So how does this happen?

How can a festival that is meant to cater to the young, old, and middle-aged appeal to everyone?

Here are 10 facts about balloon culture that should make you a little more aware of what to expect at BalloonFest.1.

The BalloonFest logo is made of balloons.

Yes, that’s right.

A balloon is the only prop that can be attached to a festival.

In fact, the event’s website claims the balloons will be used “in all kinds of fun ways.”2.

The balloon is meant for everyone.

BalloonFest is a free event, but organizers are paying extra attention to the balloon-addicts in attendance.

The festival has a dedicated “Balloon Addiction Support” section, which includes a video explaining the benefits of using balloons for “social, educational, and recreational purposes.”3.

The balloons themselves are made from 100% recycled materials.

Organizers say the balloons used in this year’s event are made in a facility that uses “natural materials.”

The balloons will only be available for sale at the festival and are made to order.

Balloon festival organizers are offering a limited number of balloons, which can be shipped to any address in the U.S. and are expected to arrive in early September.4.

You can actually buy balloons from a variety of vendors at the BalloonFest site.

The Festival will also be offering free “balloon auctions” in a number of locations around New York City.

The balloon market is booming.

According the Balloon Factory Association, balloons and other high-tech devices have grown by 60% since 2006.

It’s a trend that has fueled a proliferation of new businesses, including a balloon company called BalloonFactory, which offers balloons in the shape of the American flag and other flags, and a company called Balloon-Tech, which sells balloon-making supplies.5.

The parade is held at a ballroom at the end of the festival.

It is meant as a celebration of balloons and the balloons’ history.

There are also balloons that are actually used for this purpose.

There will be a balloon-themed music festival in the New York metro area, and BalloonFest organizers are planning to host balloon competitions for a chance to win prizes.6.

There is no price tag for the balloon sale.

The tickets will only cost $3.75 each, and you’ll have to register online and pay by credit card.

The event is being held at the Javits Center, which is one of the most popular venues for balloon festivals in the world.7.

Balloon festivals are becoming more popular, especially in the United States.

Attendance is up 25% each year.

There have been more than 2,300 balloon festivals since 2006, according to Balloon Factory.

Attendees include balloon enthusiasts, musicians, film-makers, and people who want to escape their daily routine.

The Balloon Festival in New York has more than 1,000 vendors who sell everything from balloons to umbrellas to umbrels.

Some vendors have sold thousands of balloons since they started, but others have sold just a few.

Balloon Festival organizers say that it’s hard to say exactly how much revenue balloons bring in, since they are still new and there are a lot of unknowns.8.

Balloon artists have also been making money since the early 1990s.

Many of the artists who started balloon festivals before BalloonFest are still involved in the industry.

The most notable balloon artist is Tony Fauci, who started BalloonFest with an original idea in 1997.

BalloonArtist, a local balloon artist, is now considered one of BalloonFest’s most successful artists.

The artist sold more than 100,000 balloons and has sold more, too.

Fauci also has a long and storied history of producing balloon sculptures, but balloon artists have always had an edge in the balloon market.

The more famous artists like Tony Fausci, Robert Mapplethorpe, and David Bong are also making money.

The recent popularity of balloon art is a sign that the industry is still thriving.

The New York Ballroom is one the biggest ballrooms in the country.

The venue hosts balloon festivals all over the world, and the artists at Balloonfest are known for their unique designs.

BalloonArtist is one such artist.

He’s selling his own unique balloon art for $100 per piece, which has drawn plenty of interest.

The Ballroom in New New York, which opened in 2013, is also home to Balloon Festival’s main stage.

Balloonfest will also have a smaller stage for the festival, but the artists