How to make the perfect black balloon: The black balloon day

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The black balloons in your life are no longer the only ones to offer a unique look to your home.

The first day of the Black Balloon Festival was last week, and the festival was so popular that it has been sold out, according to the organizers.

“Black balloons are a very popular accessory and a very stylish way to celebrate Halloween,” said Jason M. Smith, the founder of the event, which was co-sponsored by Wal-Mart and Macy’s.

The black-and-white balloons are designed to look like a giant black hole, with bright white stars and a black outline.

Each balloon is made of black fabric and measures about 5 by 6 inches.

A balloon maker must make sure the black fabric is tight, so that the balloon can hold up to the elements, said M.J. Kallenberg, the president of M. Kalls Inc., which manufactures the black balloons.

It is important that the black stars are not too large or too small.

The balloon maker will add a special black dot to the star, which is a symbol for the Black Festival.

The festival’s website says it is “celebrating Black History and Black culture, celebrating diversity, celebrating love, celebrating the art and artistry of black balloons.”