The World’s First Baby Balloon: How a Tiny Balloon Explained The World to Baby Boomers

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The world’s first baby balloon was invented by a mother named Margaret.

Margaret, a mother of three, was looking for a way to give her little one a little extra love and attention.

Her husband, Bob, wanted to put a baby blanket on his newborn daughter to make it look like they were sharing a bathtub.

Margaret asked her daughter if she wanted a balloon to hold a baby.

The balloon that was designed by Margaret, an American, was very small and very bright.

Bob wanted to name it after her, but it didn’t make sense.

Margaret decided to call it a balloon, and the balloon went on to be a sensation.

It became one of the most popular products of the 20th century.

A decade later, when a new generation of American mothers was taking to the Internet to share their story of their baby boom, Margaret’s balloon was a popular topic.

Margaret is credited with inspiring the invention of the Internet, which in turn helped popularize the concept of balloon jewelry.

Today, balloons are everywhere, and they’re being used to bring joy to millions of baby boomers, too. 

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