How to create a fun balloon boy with a silly name

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Balloons have been making a comeback in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of their cute, whimsical shapes.

Now, a few new creations are making their way online, including one with a name that’s a little less whimsical and a little more colorful.

The balloon boy, who goes by the name Balloon Boy, is a simple creation that shows off the best of both worlds: he’s a fun and playful little guy who’s actually very cute.

The creator of the balloon, whose name is Frogg, says the boy is inspired by the classic Disney cartoon, where balloons are usually stuffed with candy.

The balloons can be stuffed with things like apples, berries, and a variety of other goodies, he said.

The boy, Frogg said, is made of just a few basic materials like cardboard, glue, and some rubber bands.

The only other parts he has to get are rubber feet, which he can then bend into various shapes and sizes.

To make the balloon boy he first had to figure out how to make a ball that could hold the amount of balls he wanted.

“I just figured out how I could make a balloon that’s the same size and shape as a normal ball,” Frogg told BuzzFeed News.

The ball has the same height, width, and length, so he simply used glue and cardboard to create the balls that would stick together.

He used balloons made of a different material than normal balloons, too, such as polystyrene foam or cardboard.

“It’s just a toy,” Frogger said.

“You just use it like a ball, and it’s a good toy.”

To create the balloon balls, Frogger used glue to glue his balloons together.

“Just glue it together and voila!” he said, “you’re done!”

The balls are then put together, and then the balloons are inflated with the balloon booster.

He said the balloons were inflated with a balloon booster because they were too big to hold together, so they ended up sticking together.

“The balloons are supposed to have a certain size, and that’s where the trick comes in,” FroGG said.

Once they get bigger, the balloons can get too big for each other.

“So if you’re making a balloon with a diameter of about six feet, you’re probably not going to get it all the way down to that,” he said to BuzzFeed News, referring to the balloons that are supposed a size of about 10 feet.

“I actually tried to make one that was just a little bit bigger, but it wasn’t working out.”

He ended up using a balloon he made for his daughter, who’s currently a kindergartener, to try and make it bigger, and so far it has worked out perfectly.

The balloon that Frogg made for himself has a diameter that’s more than 12 feet.

The ball he’s making for his wife, who also uses balloons as a toy, is also made of the same material as the balloon he’s using.

“She’s really into balloons, so she had me make a bunch of balloons, and they’re all perfect,” Froggy said.

When he got the ball made, Froggy’s wife noticed that the shape and size of the balloons had changed.

“The balloons were different, and now they’re a little bigger,” she said.

Frogg’s balloon, however, has been the same shape since he got it made.

“This one, he’s actually got a ball with a nice little shape,” he explained.

“And it’s pretty cute, too.”

The balloon that he’s made is a little smaller than the one he made because he made a smaller balloon with foam inside.

“There’s also a balloon made from a little piece of rubber, but I think the rubber is a lot nicer, because it’s soft,” he added.

“But there’s also some plastic in there, so it’s kind of a little odd.”

When he made the balloon that his wife made, he added more glue and used a glue gun to make the balloons even smaller.

“That worked out well, too,” Froger said.

The bigger balloon has the dimensions of about 4.5 feet, while the smaller one is 3.5 inches.

Frogger also added a little sparkle to the balloon by adding more glue.

“Then when I put the glue on it, it makes it look like a balloon,” he joked.

“It’s funny because I just love the look of a balloon.”

The balloon is currently on display at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.



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