The first balloon delivery to take place in space

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The first balloons to be delivered into space are set to take off from the International Space Station on Friday.

The $20 million launch will mark the first time that a private company has made the leap from the Earth to space.

The mission is being dubbed the “Birthday Balloon Delivery” by NASA because it is the first commercial rocket to be sent into orbit.

The balloon will be sent up in a balloon and will deliver an assortment of balloons into space.NASA has launched balloons into orbit twice since 2000.

The first time was in 2009 and the second time was back in 2015.

This year, the agency has already sent more than 4,500 balloons into Earth orbit.

“I’m really excited to launch a balloon in space today,” said Scott Kelly, the NASA administrator, in a press conference.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter for the American people.”

Kelly added that the balloons will be delivered in a controlled, safe, and controlled environment.

The mission is part of a larger effort to expand spaceflight and address a number of pressing space issues.

The balloons will carry a payload of 2,000 kilograms of food, clothing, water, and other supplies into orbit to provide food, medical supplies, and research for NASA.

Kelly said the balloons would not be able to reach the ISS, but they will be able dock with the space station and then come back to Earth to be used as cargo.

“This is a very exciting time to be a space traveler and this is also the time for us to make sure that we are providing the resources and the services that are needed to continue to grow the space industry,” Kelly said.

The launch is being billed as a milestone for spaceflight.

Kelly noted that the first balloons were launched into space on October 6, 1957.

That was the first flight in history.NASA hopes to have the balloons in space for several years, and Kelly said they have received requests for help from businesses around the world.

“We’re going to keep sending them and they’re going be delivered on time,” Kelly added.NASA is hoping to get the balloons to the ISS as soon as the summer, and the agency is working to keep the cost of launching balloons low.

“We’re expecting that the price of the balloons is going to be around $10,000 per kilogram, so that’s an affordable cost for this,” Kelly explained.



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