Balloon Fight is on the rise! – New Zealand news

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New Zealand has been rocked by a series of violent attacks on balloons over the past few weeks. 

The latest occurred on Saturday when a balloon belonging to the Ministry of Transport exploded and landed in a creek in the town of Toowoomba. 

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter. 

In a Facebook post, the local police said the man was arrested in connection with the incident. 

They said he was known to police and had been charged with the offences.

The Ministry of Transportation said they were in touch with police and that the man in question was under investigation.

The state government said it had contacted local authorities to investigate the incident and was liaising with local media to ensure the safety of the public.

The balloons have been used in many other states and other countries to promote the New Zealand tourism industry. 

Many balloon displays take place in Wellington, including the city’s Central Park.

The New Zealand Transport Agency said in a statement that balloons were also being used in the surrounding area to encourage New Zealanders to visit New Zealand.

“The balloons can be used to promote tourism and economic activity in the area by bringing people together and encouraging them to engage in outdoor activities.”

These balloons can also be used in areas that have not traditionally been visited by New Zealand visitors, such as rural areas.

“The ministry said it was working with local authorities and other partners to prevent similar incidents.