The UK must have a solution to the UK’s refugee crisis

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A number of British media outlets have reported on a number of incidents of abuse and harassment of refugees from Calais in recent weeks.

The abuse and intimidation of asylum seekers has come to the forefront as part of the broader controversy surrounding Britain’s handling of the migrant crisis, particularly in the past week.

However, the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday have not focused on the incidents of harassment and abuse of asylum-seekers in Britain in their coverage. 

The Guardian has reported that there has been an increase in abuse towards asylum-seeking refugees in the UK in recent days. 

“There has been a lot of harassment, and a lot more than we saw yesterday,” a UK-based asylum-seeker who asked to remain anonymous told the newspaper.

“People are coming in on buses, they’re going up to people, they are throwing things at them.

It’s very disturbing.

We have been called all kinds of names. 

A Mail on Saturday story said that asylum- seekers had been assaulted and verbally abused in the British port city of Liverpool. 

More than 300 asylum- Seekers have been killed in the Mediterranean in recent years, according to a report by Amnesty International. 

Britain’s Foreign Office has responded to the issue by warning that the situation in Calais is not an isolated incident.

While the abuse and violence has caused concern in Britain, there is a wide range of opinions on the issue, with many in the political sphere suggesting that the abuse has not been as bad as some have suggested. “

Our officers are on the ground in Calais constantly checking that there are no further incidents,” a spokesperson said. 

While the abuse and violence has caused concern in Britain, there is a wide range of opinions on the issue, with many in the political sphere suggesting that the abuse has not been as bad as some have suggested. 

Many have argued that the problem has been exaggerated and that there is no problem at all. 

David Cameron has responded by blaming the problem on the “toxic atmosphere” in the refugee camps and called for “tougher border controls”. 

“People have been very clear to me, and I am a big believer in listening to people,” Cameron said on Sunday.

“But we can’t get rid of people without a solution.

We need to be able to take them back to their home countries and that means we need to do what we need do.” 

The Prime Minister has said that the UK would not accept more refugees in Calais and that the country would welcome a greater number of migrants. 

On Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a raft of measures to tackle the migrant influx, including a plan to increase border control and introduce tougher immigration laws. 

In response to the abuse of the asylum- seeker in Liverpool, Prime Minister Cameron also promised that the government would build a wall around Calais. 

This comes as a result of a number public protests against the construction of the wall. 

Read more about Calais, including the British authorities’ response, here.



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