How to get rid of the balloon tape on your jersey

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The first step is to remove the jersey tape.

The other part of the jersey, however, needs to be removed to get at the inner part of your body.

This is where you need to cut the balloon, a very sharp knife or scissors, through the material.

It’s best to remove it in the middle of your back, so you can cut the tape off more easily.

You will need to remove your jersey in the same way you would a traditional jersey.

We used an elastic band to hold the jersey in place.

The band is attached to the front of the shirt and you will need two clips to keep the shirt in place while you remove the balloon.

If you don’t want to cut any more balloon tape, you can simply remove the band and pull it away.

There are a few more ways to remove a balloon, so if you want to be extra careful, we recommend using a pair of scissors and cutting away at the ends.

How to remove balloon tape from your jersey The final step is cutting away the balloon from your shirt.

You will need scissors to cut through the balloon and remove the tape.

The tape will then fall away, leaving a clear seam.

Use a pair, or even a pair and a half of scissors, to trim the balloon away.