Why I didn’t buy a water balloon with my wedding ring

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A few months after my wedding, I bought a gold balloon.

I was expecting it to last me a month, maybe a week, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The balloon was heavy, with a solid gold color, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The water was clear and bubbly.

My husband had asked for a water glass so we could enjoy the occasion together.

I never expected my wedding to be so big.

The water balloon was the perfect gift for a special day.

It also proved to be a good gift for my husband.

I didn’t think it would last long, but when I returned the next day, it was still perfect.

I put it back in the water.

“You got a great idea!” my husband exclaimed.

I put the water in the glass again, and it was perfect.

When I asked my husband why I was wearing the water balloon, he said, “Because you can’t take the ring off and put it in the tube.”

I said, I don’t care.

I can’t.

But, he insisted.

I love my ring, but it won’t last.

When I returned it to the tube, it broke and fell to the floor.

I immediately called the hospital to see if it was a problem.

It was.

I took it back to the hospital and they said that I needed to get an X-ray.

I went to the doctor and they prescribed a CT scan.

I told the doctor about my broken ring.

The doctor gave me a prescription for a gold ring with an even more amazing design.

My wedding ring, I had bought in a gold-plated store.

I am so glad that my wedding day went well.

But I can never be sure about what a gift of a water bottle or a gold band will last me in the future.

I have to ask myself what a water-filled balloon will look like when it is full.

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