New Year’s Eve party balloons lit up at Melbourne park

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Posted December 26, 2017 05:05:55It’s the perfect way to end the New Year.

The balloons were created by Melbourne artist, Lulu Moseley, and a company called LightUpBricks.

They light up the city’s main streets, the CBD and the city centre in the evening, to give the city an energy boost.

They are currently being put up in the City Centre area of Melbourne, as well as in Melbourne Park.

Ms Mosely said the balloons were designed to encourage people to be active during the New Years holiday.

“It’s going to be a very festive party in Melbourne,” she said.

“We hope it’ll give people a bit of energy and get them moving towards the end of the year.”

LightUpBrick has made over 60 balloons and has been working with the City of Melbourne to create the light show.

“The balloons are going to light up all the way around the city,” she told ABC News.

“There are lights that are going up in Victoria, there are lights going up all over Melbourne, and we’re hoping it will spark some holidaymakers out in the city.”

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