When is it ok to use anagram to say something you mean?

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Breitbart News’ Alex Pappas recently shared a meme that showed a cartoon character talking about balloons with an English-sounding name.

The image was accompanied by an animated gif of a balloon being lowered into the air, with the caption, “I just saw anagrams balloons” and the words, “Aww, this is just a little joke.”

“I love it,” Pappis wrote in response to the post, “because it shows that people can have some fun with a joke.”

It’s not the first time Pappa has done this.

Earlier this month, he shared a gif that showed the name “Dorothy” spelled out as an “anagram.”

He captioned the gif, “What’s an anagram?”

Pappus also shared a comic strip in 2015 called “Anagrams and Cartoon Characters,” where he joked about the “pink pillows” of the characters in the comic.