An ‘Orphaned Unicorn Balloon’ Found at the Bottom of a River

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A “lost unicorn balloon” found floating in the murky waters of the North Carolina river has been returned to the family of a North Carolina woman who found it after she went missing in 2010.

The balloon, a 15-cent silver-and-white balloon, was discovered floating in a riverbed in October 2010 by Kayla Buehler.

Her husband, John Bueler, said he thought it was a dead duck.

But Buehl found the balloon in July 2010 after searching for her for more than two months.

She was found dead at a hospital a month later.

Her family contacted Buellaers attorney, Michael Hines, who said they had to return the balloon to Buellys family because the family couldn’t find a way to properly bury the remains.

After more than five months of searching, Buebell’s family found the remains of a woman believed to be Buelli and her unborn child.

Buelly’s daughter, who was 13 at the time, was born on Aug. 5, 2011.

A DNA test showed the fetus was hers, Bueser said.

Buesler said the remains were found by a diver off the coast of Cape Fear.