Pink balloons, the first to be mass-produced

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The first pink balloons are set to be made by a US firm on Friday (local time) as part of the US government’s global effort to produce more than 50,000 pink balloons a day.

The balloons will be made at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, with US firms participating in the project, and the balloons will also be available for purchase by the public.US President Donald Trump’s administration has promised to spend $20bn (£15.3bn) to help developing countries like India, Brazil and Vietnam achieve the goals of boosting domestic balloon production and boosting domestic incomes.

However, Trump has not said whether he will provide the balloons, or whether the balloons are to be sold or sent to countries that cannot meet the goal.

In the past, Trump and his advisers have suggested the US and other developed countries are not doing enough to help poorer countries.

The US and India currently have the world’s largest balloons production capacity, producing more than 100 million balloons a year, but that number has been shrinking since Trump took office.

India and Brazil have been among the biggest users of balloons for decades, as the balloon industry has been dominated by China.

But a number of countries including China and India have recently seen balloon production fall, with some seeing balloon sales drop by as much as 70%.

Balloons can be produced in many ways, including by hand, a machine or a factory.