How to spot a fake balloon release, as CNN puts it

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The balloon release is not new, but it’s getting increasingly popular.

And it’s not something that we would recommend to the average person.

The balloon is made of wood, and there’s nothing more fragile than a wood structure.

And even if you have a tree that you can safely place the balloons on, you might be surprised to find one of them still in good shape.

The most common type of fake balloon releases are the “spike” type, or the balloon that is not made from wood, but with an adhesive, or with a plastic ball that can be easily peeled off and thrown away.

So far, there is no known method of catching a fake one.

However, there are ways to spot fake balloon-release.

The best way to catch a fake is to use a flashlight to look through the balloon, but you should be aware that not all balloon releases will look like this.

This fake “spiked” balloon released by an anonymous person at the airport, released in December.

The photos below are from a fake released at a mall in Los Angeles.

The photo below is from a balloon release that was released by a person in Las Vegas.

We are going to use this photo for the purpose of this story.

Here is a photo of a fake that was taken in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

We can see that it is a fake release, but this photo shows a good chance of it being a real release.

A “spikes” type balloon release. 

The best method for spotting fake balloon shots is to look for the following things: When the balloon is released, and it looks like a spike, that is a spike release.

If the balloon looks like it is broken, and the metal is broken in half or pieces, that indicates a broken spike release and not a real spike release, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine.

A spike release usually occurs when there is a hole in the balloon (usually a crack in the wooden structure), but the person who made the release is still able to pull the balloon out, and release it.

If you are not sure if the release looks real or fake, try to see if you can get a good look at it.

A real release usually happens when a balloon is fully inflated.

The release of a real balloon release usually has a small hole that you will need to push down on to get the release to release the balloon.

But a fake spike release is more likely to have a hole that is too big to see, so it is not always clear what is going on with a fake spikes release.

It is best to look at the photos in this article as a starting point to see how fake releases work.

A fake spike balloon release in the Las Crucs Mall.

The fake spike released at the Las Vegas airport.

The photo above is from an airport release, so the release was made on a plane.

A plane release is a release made by the pilot of a plane, not someone who flies it.

You can see in the photo below that the balloon was released in a plastic bag, which is what the pilot does.

But when you see a fake plane release, it looks a lot like a fake, so we will be careful to not get too caught off guard.

We will also point out that the person behind the release may have a fake nose, and you should also be aware of that.

A photo of the fake spike releasing at the Airport of Southern California. 

There are a lot of ways to catch fake spikes.

Here are the most common methods: First, the person may throw the fake spikes out in a clear, open area.

But we recommend that you do not try to throw them out in the open at all.

In fact, it may be a good idea to leave them in an area that is very quiet.

You may also be surprised by the sound that they make, because it is much louder than the sound of a normal release.

But you can be sure that they are not a fake.

Another option is to put the fake spiked balloon in a bag, like a box of chocolates or something.

Then you can throw the bag into a clear area and wait for the release.

Then, when the release occurs, you should see a small spike, and this may indicate a real spikes release, although you may not be able to tell for sure.

This is not the best method of capturing a spike because it does not always look like a real or real spikes.

If you have spotted a spike or spike release in person, you may also want to follow up on the incident with the police.

In that case, you can take photos of the area where the release occurred and of the police who responded to the scene.

If it looks suspicious, you could also try calling the police, or going to a real airport, like one in Las Angeles. 

But beware