What is the balloon payment?

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An AirBnB user is facing charges after allegedly taking the balloons for a ride.

The BBC has learned the account was registered in February and that the user had not been issued a balloon payment yet.

Police in the US state of New York say they are investigating a report that a man who claimed to be an AirBnb customer took out a $500 balloon payment for a flight from Albany, New York to New York City on February 8.

A spokesman for the New York State Police, Lt John Loeffler, told the Associated Press news agency the man had no record of a balloon flight.

“The account is registered in the name of an individual with an address in the state of NY, but the user did not have an active AirBN account, nor was he issued a voucher for the flight,” LoeFFLER said.

“The user’s account was suspended on February 15.”

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the man told the paper he had been driving from the New Jersey city of New Castle to New Orleans in a white van.

He claimed to have picked up a “friend” who was renting the van from the airline and was supposed to return home that day.

But when the man arrived, he noticed the van had been empty.

He called the company and said he needed to check on the situation and asked if he could take the plane, the paper reported.

The person who answered the phone said they did not offer any refunds, the newspaper reported.

The New York Police Department told the AP that the man did not receive a voucher to take the flight and did not make the flight.

The man was charged with “fraudulently obtaining money by deception, and the second-degree felony, as well as second- and third-degree misdemeanor counts of making a false statement, wire fraud and mail fraud.”

The man told ABC News that he had bought his plane for $500.

AirBnBs are popular services that offer free flights for a short time.

The service has been accused of inflating prices and offering fraudulent flights in the past.

In July, a man with an account at AirBbPay was arrested in Texas after allegedly buying a $1,000 AirBin from a customer.



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