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(AP) A Massachusetts company is developing a water balloon that can fill the gaps between people and their loved ones.

The company, called AVA Inc., says it’s aiming to use balloons to fill empty spaces in hospitals and other facilities, as well as to fill spaces in crowded areas.

The device could help ease the strain on hospitals by helping patients avoid having to wait in long lines for care.

AVA CEO Peter Wohlfeiler says the balloons are more than a gimmick.

They can provide a sense of relief and a sense that you are getting care,” Woholfeiler said in a news release.

The balloons, called “water balloons,” are made of a polyethylene plastic.

They are held in a handle with a handle and the handle has a balloon on it.

When a patient is placed inside the device, the balloon is inflated and released to create a vacuum.

The balloons then fall through the vacuum and float up to the patient’s nose, creating a “water balloon” effect.AVA’s balloons can be inflated and ejected as the person wishes.

The company hopes the balloons will be more practical for people with medical needs.

They will also help relieve the stress of waiting in long queues, the release said.

The devices can also be used as a makeshift stretcher.

Wohlferiler says there are about 10 billion balloons on Earth.

He says there could be 10 billion more balloons on the way.