Mermaids wedding balloons online for $45

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Posted February 11, 2018 05:03:30The world’s first live-streamed wedding balloon celebration is underway on Sunday, February 11 at the Toronto Opera House, and you can get your own on a special deal.

Starting at 11 a.m.

ET, you can choose to purchase the balloon to go with your wedding ceremony, or buy the same balloon to fill with balloons for the reception.

For $45, you’ll get two balloons that you can fill with a variety of different colours and themes.

You’ll also get a personalized mermaid design and a personalized invitation for the wedding ceremony.

You can also choose to get a balloon for the event itself, but you won’t receive a personal invitation or mermaid balloon.

The balloon can be purchased through the Opera House’s website and at the Mermaid Balloon Shop on Facebook and Instagram.

The event takes place on Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., and it’s open to everyone.

If you’re planning to attend, you should definitely have a few friends to share a bucket of balloons, because it’s going to be quite a sight.

You can also order a custom wedding balloon online and get it shipped to your home in less than two days.

You just need to fill it out and send it to a friend or family member.

The website states you can purchase balloons in two sizes: 5-feet by 1-foot, and 10-feet-wide by 1.5-foot.

The price is listed at $45 per balloon, and the online purchase option is only available to Canadian residents, but it is available to all.

You’ll also have the option of ordering the balloons in person, but the online ordering option is limited to Canadian people.

You will also have to be present for the balloons to be delivered, and it will be a good idea to have a wedding cake to eat while you wait.

If your wedding is a little too special for your taste, you could always opt for the traditional Mermaid Wedding Cake, but for a more traditional look, you might want to check out a traditional mermaid wedding.