How a balloon dog saved a baby’s life from drowning

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A birthday balloon delivery dog is making headlines for saving a baby from drowning.

The boy, aged four, was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital by ambulance and has since been placed in a specialised unit for babies with a history of drowning.

A specialised infant unit was set up in the intensive care unit of the Royal Perth Hospital after a woman who worked in the same building as the ambulance service was taken ill with a respiratory illness, emergency services spokesman Brett Kincaid said.

“We were called at 2.30am on Monday afternoon and an ambulance was called in from the hospital in the Perth CBD.

The ambulance crew and paramedics worked through the night to get the child out of the ambulance, with the child resuscitated, and he was placed into an intensive care room, Mr Kincampe said.

The baby’s father arrived at the hospital at 6.15pm on Tuesday to have the baby transferred to the hospital.”

The father is the ambulance crew chief, he’s the one who called me and told me that the baby was in the ambulance,” Mr Kinsley said.

A baby was brought into the ambulance from the ambulance by paramedics.”

I was quite worried about the situation and the baby.

I thought the baby would have died anyway,” he said.

It was a brave and kind gesture by the ambulance staff and the paramedics to get someone out of there, he said of the incident on Monday.”

You can only do so much with a baby, you’ve just got to do everything you can to keep them alive.

“The child was resuscitated and transferred to a special unit for infants with a record of drowning and was in a very good condition.

He has since made a full recovery.”

It’s not something I’d expect to see happen but it was very brave of them,” he added.

Mr Kincapane said there were no known complications and the child was in good condition, which could help him recover.”

This child is in a really good condition and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that he is doing OK, hopefully he can get back into his regular life, and we’ll see where he goes from there,” he he said in a statement.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this time.

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