Why you should never order an order of balloon puppies

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You should never, ever order an “order of balloons” at your local pizza joint, because that’s a recipe for disaster.

You see, if you order a “order” of balloons, you’re basically ordering an order for a specific amount of dough.

A single balloon has a much higher likelihood of turning into a whole batch of balloons.

To make matters worse, that single batch of dough will probably never be made.

If you order enough balloons for a batch of pizza, that batch of pizzas will probably get eaten by all of the other pizzas on the menu, because you’re ordering an “ordering a pizza.”

So what to do?

Here are the five worst ways to order an Order of Puddles, according to a survey from Yelp:If you’re buying a bunch of balloons for your birthday party, you’ll probably order a batch.

A batch of three balloons will only last for about 20 minutes before needing to be returned to the kitchen to be eaten.

If you’re going to make a big batch of cookies, you might want to order 10 balloons.

If your friends and family are going to eat your pizza and the pizza restaurant is going to be full, you should probably order 10 boxes of balloons instead.

If your parents are going out for a night on the town, and you need to get to work, you can probably order an extra dozen balloons.

But you might as well be doing the right thing if you’re in the pizza business.

The only time balloons are ever useful is when they’re placed in a bag of chips, which are then eaten by everyone in the neighborhood, but if you do it right, you won’t have any problems.

So if you don’t mind eating pizza, then Order of balloons might be a good idea.

But don’t order a bunch.