Get excited, water balloons and the 2020 Games

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Get ready for a lot of water balloons!

The 2020 Games, to be held in Sydney in 2021, will be the first Olympics to have a “water balloon” in the event that no one has any water balloons, a Sydney water balloon club has said.

The club, which has been working on the idea for a year, is encouraging people to take part in the games by throwing water balloons into the air.

The ballooning is expected to begin at 10am (AEST) on August 10, 2020, and will be watched by a live audience.

The balloons will be launched from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and will land on the Sydney waterfront, according to the Sydney Water Balloon Club.

“It is important that everyone is safe, that people can be safe and that we have a safe environment,” Sydney Water Balloons Club founder and chairwoman Susan Kiely said.

“We want to get people in and see the Games, get them out, get a good view of the city.”

The club said it had already received “thousands” of letters from people asking for the event to happen, and that the event would be a “huge success”.

It has since received more than 400,000 letters, mostly from women.

The group has been organising the ballooning for a few years, with the first event in January 2018.

“As a sport, it’s been fantastic, and we’ve got to keep going and we’re going to keep doing this because we want to make sure that this is something that people will enjoy,” Ms Kielys said.