‘Balloon gif’ for the ‘dumbest’ children

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Balloon gifs are a great way to entertain children, but there are some tricky rules when it comes to using the popular cartoon to make them.

Here’s how you can get a ‘dude’ in your balloon gif.1.

Can you send a balloon in the post?

If you want your child to be able to enjoy it in person, they need to be 18 or over.2.

Is it legal to send balloons in the mail?

The laws around balloons are very clear, and if you send them via the post, you need to follow the guidelines in your local post office.

The rules on the balloon itself are very similar to the rules for sending things by mail.3.

Can I send balloons to my partner, friend or family member?

If your child wants to share a balloon with you, you can send them in the postal service.4.

What are the rules about sharing balloons with other people?

If the recipient is a child, they’re required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and the balloon must contain at least a metre (two feet) of space.5.

Can balloons be used to hold a picture?

Yes, they can.

But they’re not legal to use in a photograph.

You must also be able and willing to take the balloon into your home and attach it to your camera, not your phone.6.

Can children be balloons?

You can, but you need a balloon for each child in the balloon.7.

Can the balloon be used for anything other than entertainment?


You can use balloons as an adornment for a table, chair, sofa or any other surface, and you can also use them as a balloon as a focal point for your home.

If you’re trying to make the balloon as unique as possible, try making it a ‘spooky’ and/or ‘creepy’ object.8.

What is a ‘cute’ balloon?

This is the name given to balloons made by balloon makers that are cute or whimsical.

The idea is that you’ll love them as much as your children do.9.

Is there a legal definition of ‘cutesy’ balloon?’

There is no specific legal definition for the word ‘cuteness’.

But the phrase ‘candy-coloured balloons’ comes to mind.10.

How can I avoid being a ‘bad’ balloon gifter?

This can be tricky.

Some people can make balloons that are a little too cute, or they may have unrealistic expectations for how they should look.

Some balloon artists have a strong reputation for making balloon designs that are too perfect, and some balloon makers make designs that don’t quite capture the spirit of the theme.

And some balloon artists may just be making the most of the opportunity to sell their work.

But the bottom line is that if you want to make your child feel at home, and have fun with it, try to stick to the legal guidelines and not make them think you’re going to take them out on a wild ride.



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